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Jacob Baugh first appears in the tax record in 1769. In 1785 he started to run a sawmill. This was probably the Davis sawmill on Crabby Creek. Starting in 1796 Jacob started transferring his property to his sons, Daniel and John. The operation of the sawmill was transferred to the Davis family. In 1798 it was a joint operation. In 1797 Daniel Baugh started to run a tannery which he continued to operate for the rest of his life.

The Glass Tax returns show the following buildings: House 33’ x 23’, 2 floors with a stone addition 18’ x 15’ also of 2 floors. Windows: 2 of 12 panes; 7 of 8 panes; 3 of 6 panes; and 2 of 4 panes. There was also a Stone Kitchen 18’ x 15’, a Workshop, and half a Sawmill.

References: No articles have been published on this house. See the deed history and the genealogy of the Baugh family.