Photograph by Lucy Sampson, from the early 1900s
Courtesy of Herb Fry.

A tract of 300 acres was purchased by Llewellyn David in 1708. The family name changed from David to Davis in the early 18th century. By 1742 Isaac Davis became the sole owner. In 1774 Isaac sold a portion of the tract including this house to his son, Benjamin Davis. Issac died in 1778 and the remainder of the tract descended to his son, Captain John Davis.

It is unclear, given the deed history, why this house was called Captain John Davis’ Quarters. It burnt down in 1968.

The Glass tax returns list the following buildings: a Stone House 27’ x 21’, 2 floors. Windows: 4 of 15 panes; 4 of 12 panes; and 2 of 4 panes. Additionally a Stone Milk House 12’ x 10’; a Stone Barn 50’ x 30’. There was also a 1 story log tenant house measuring 15’ x 15’ with a log extension 15’ x 15’ with 2 windows of 9 panes and 2 windows of 4 panes.

Drawing by Sue Andrews