Photograph by William Burwell, c. 1900
from the Society’s Archives

This estate was originally part of the large Havard tract. John Havard jr. inherited part of the tract in 1770. He had one daughter, Mary Havard who married William Davis. John Havard died in 1797 at the age of 83 and William Davis inherited the tract. It is likely that Davis was already managing the farm as evidenced by his 1792 signature on the barn.

The Glass tax returns show the following buildings: House 30’ x 18’, 2 floors. Windows: 5 of 15 panes; 2 of 10 panes; 5 of 8 panes. Stone Kitchen 21’ x 18’ Stone Barn 55’ x 37’ Stone Wagon House 37’ x 15’

Courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania, 1937

Photographer unknown, 7/30/1989
from the Society’s Archives

Photograph by Mike Bertram, 5/28/2006


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