This property, also known as the Restorer Lamb farm from its owner at the end of 19th century, has a confusing early history. Peter Mather had a tract of 96 acres next to the Charlestown (now Schuylkill) Township boundary surveyed in 1757 but no patent has been found. Stone contends the tract then became part of the Potts-Dewees forge estate. Isaac Potts patented the property in 1791 and quickly sold it off in 3 sections. One of these sections was acquired by Henry Zook who had also purchased property to the south in a Sheriff’s sale. He sold a tract of 108 acres to John Garber (aka Garner) in 1797.

The Glass Tax return gives the size of this Stone House as 30’ x 16’ on 2 floors with 9 windows of 12 panes, and 2 windows of 4 panes. A log barn 35’ x 15’ is also listed.


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See the deed history.