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Thomas Jerman built the first Great Valley Mill around 1710 (see the Great Valley Mill for the history of the mill). The Rowland family acquired the mill in 1755 and ran it for 100 years. Thomas Rowland owned the mill in 1798.

The Glass Tax return lists the following buildings: a Stone House 25’ x 25’, on 2 floors with 1 window of 15 panes; 4 of 12 panes; 1 of 9 panes; 2 of 8 panes; and 2 of 11 panes; a Stone Spring House 10’ x 10’; a Frame Barn 27’ x 25’ a Stone Grist Mill 30’ x 18’; and a Sawmill.

The Spring House on North Valley Road is probably the Spring House in the Glass Tax return.

Spring House, North Valley Road
Photographer Mike Bertram, 5/27/2009

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See the deed history and the genealogy of the Rowland family.