Photograph by Bob Goshorn, 12/17/1973
From the Society’s Archives

As well as Thomas Hampton, who owned the cabin in 1798, other owners whose names have been used to describe the cabin are: Wetherby, Snyder, Wilson, and Erdman. Adam Synder was the owner is the 19th century. He seems to have been loathed to record his deeds and no deeds exist for his ownership, which complicates the deed history. Wetherby, Wilson, and Erdman were more recent owners.

The Glass tax returns list the following building: Log Cabin 24’ x 20’, on 2 floors. Windows: 3 of 4 panes; and 1 of 8 panes.

Photograph by Bob Goshorn, date unknown
From the Society’s Archives


None, see the deed history.