Photograph by William Burwell, c. 1900
from the Society’s Archives

This estate was originally part of the large Havard tract. Samuel Havard purchased part of the tract in 1763 from his father for a nominal sum. The farm stayed in the Havard family until 1819. In 1929 Henry Woolman purchased the farm as an addition to the Duportail Quarters property as part of a proposed University of Pennsylvania campus. The University never developed the property. The house was sold to Valley Forge Park in 1975. The remainder of the property became part of the Chesterbrook development.

The Glass tax returns show the following buildings: a Stone House 27’ x 21’, with an addition of 26’ x 16’, both on 2 floors. Windows: 3 of 24 panes; 1 of 20 panes; 5 of 15 panes; and 2 of 4 panes. Additional buildings were a Stone Kitchen 24’ x 16’; two Stone Spring Houses, one 12’ x 10’, the other 10’ x 8’; a Stone Barn 47’ x 27’; and a Stone Wagon House 20’ x 20’. There was also a separate Dwelling House 18’ x 13’.

Photographer unknown, 7/30/1989
from the Society’s Archives


Photograph by Mike Bertram, 8/8/2006


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