General Maxwell commanded a New Jersey Brigade, then the Light Infantry. Weedon mentions a meeting at Maxwell’s Quarters on the 22nd December 1777. Maxwell was officer of the day during the months of January to May 1778. So there is no question that he was at Valley Forge, but where was he quartered?

Woodman suggests that Maxwell stayed at the John Brown house (Knox’s Quarters) while the Davis map does not show Maxwell’s Quarters. Even so a strong tradition has arisen that General Maxwell stayed at the house on the west side of Valley Creek which was later occupied and then owned by John Brown junior. This is unlikely for three reasons.

Samuel Brown owned the property at the time of the Valley Forge encampment. On the 3rd April 1778 he wrote his will and died soon afterwards. He divided his estate between his wife Ann and two of his sons, John Brown senior and Thomas Brown. His other sons and daughters received cash. John Brown purchased the estate at a Sheriff's sale in 1783. Samuel Brown’s will was finally probated in 1803.

Tradition says that John Brown senior built the house before the encampment but Samuel, his father, owned the property at the time and it was not clear John Brown would obtain ownership after his father’s death. The Glass Tax returns of 1798 show only one house on the property (Knox’s Quarters). Also Historical Architects have been unable to find any part of the present house that is of 18th century construction. So the evidence is against any house existing on the west side of Valley Creek at the time of the encampment.

No alternative locations for Maxwell’s Quarters have been identified.