Photo by William Burwell, c. 1900
From the Society’s Archives

The owner of this property during the encampment was William Dewees, the Valley Forge Ironmaster. Many sources give William Godfrey as the owner but he sold the property and is no longer in the tax record after 1771. He sold the property to Isaac Potts in 1773 who then sold it onto Dewees.

The Glass tax returns show the following buildings: a Stone House 25’ x 22’ on 2 floors. Windows: 4 of 12 panes; 5 of 8 panes; and 1 of 15 panes. Additionally there was a Stone Kitchen 33’ x 18’ a Stone Barn 45’ x 15’; a Stone Stable 18’ x 15’ a Frame Stable 40’ x 15’; and a Stone Halter Shop 18’ x 15’. The house has been demolished.

General Mifflin was appointed Quartermaster-General in 1775. He resigned in October 1777 but was persuaded to resume his duties as Congress had problems finding a replacement.


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