From Woodman’s History of Valley Forge (1922).

This property was owned by the Walker family for many years. Benjamin Jones purchased it in 1776. In the 19th century it was re-acquired by the Walker family.

The Glass tax returns show the following buildings: a Stone House 28’ x 20’, with an Addition or Store House of 20’ x 20’, both on 2 floors. Windows: 4 of 15 panes; and 4 of 12 panes. Additional buildings were a Stone Kitchen 20’ x 10’; two Stone Barns, one 36’ x 21’, the other 46’ x 25’; and a Stone Milk Shop 20’ x 18’. There was also a separate Frame House 28’ x 20’ on 2 floors with the following windows: 4 of 8 panes; and 8 of 12 panes.

References: No articles have been published on this house. See the deed history and the genealogy of the Walker family.