Photograph by Lucy Sampson, early 1900s
From the Society’s Archives

This property was owned by the John/Jones family for many years. A number of members of the family made significant contributions to the Baptist Church. Samuel Jones owned the property in during the Revolutionary War when it was both the quarters of General Howe during the British encampment and the quarters of General Scott during the Valley Forge encampment. His son, Enoch Jones, owned it in 1798.

A fire in the early 1900s did considerable damage to the house. On rebuilding the primary fa├žade was reconfigured to face the valley.

The Glass tax returns show the following buildings: a Stone House 28’ x 18’, on 2 floors. Windows: 2 of 12 panes; 1 of 8 panes; 3 of 6 panes; and 2 of 11 panes. Additional buildings were 2 Log Kitchens one 21’ x 18’, and the other 16’ x 16’. There was also a separate Stone Spring House 22’ x 17’.

References: The Franklin Burns article The Historic Jones Plantation in Tredyffrin talks about this property. See the deed history and the genealogy of the John/Jones family.