No images are available of this house.

The deed history of this area is incomplete. It was part of the John Kinsey patent. James Abraham then owned the tract. There is then a break in the deed hsitory until Thomas Waters acquired it. He was the owner during the encampment. Waters’ grandson, Waters Dewees, owned the property in 1798.

The Glass tax returns list a 2 floor stone house 42’ x 21’, with 7 windows with 15 panes of glass; 3 windows with 12 panes; 1 window with 10 panes; 1 window with 8 panes; and 3 windows with 4 panes. The other buildings on the property were a Stone Spring House 18’ x 10’ a Stone Smoke House 10’ x 6’ and a Stone Barn 85’ x 34’.

References: No articles have been published on this house. See the deed history and the genealogies of the Waters and Dewees families.