The First Blue Ball Inn
The house has been much extended. The original part
of the house is the central portion.
Photograph by Mike Bertram, 2006.

The Second Blue Ball Inn
Photograph by Moses King, Summer 1895. From the Society’s Archives.

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Land Ownership: The property was patented by Owen Roberts in 1714. He does not appear in the tax records. It was then owned by Thomas Godfrey from 1719 to 1737, who is in the tax records. It is likely that Godfrey built the first inn. The date on the fireplace is 1724. He sold the property to Morgan Hughes who subsequently sold it to Thomas McKean in 1745. McKean sold it in 1753 to Blasius Byers who only held the title for a couple of months. It then passed to Conrad Young who changed the name to the 'King of Prussia' for 2 years before it reverted to its old name. In 1759 Young sold it to Barnard Vanleer. He held the property until he died in 1790 when it was inherited by his daughter, Mary Moore.

Licensees for the Inns

  • 1735 - 1737 Robert Richardson (tax returns)
  • 1741 - 1752 Thomas McKean
  • 1762 Benjamin Weatherby
  • 1766 Hannah Weatherby, widow of Benjamin
  • 1773 - 6 Philip Eppright
  • 1781 John Phillips - tavern (tax)
  • 1782 - 1783 John Phillips
  • 1783 John Phillips - tavern keeper / inn holder (tax)
  • 1785 - 1786 Moses Moore - tavern (tax)
  • 1786 - 1792 Moses Moore, rented from Dr Barnard Van Leer
  • 1793 - 1794 John Llewelyn, lately occupied by Moses Moore on Lancaster Road