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Title: Generals Lee & Bradford's QuartersIdentifier: CHE15
Title: Duportail's QuartersIdentifier: DUP03
Title: De Kalb & Weedon's QuartersIdentifier: DWQ02
Title: Fort WashingtonIdentifier: FW2
Title: Fort WashingtonIdentifier: FW3
Title: Redoubt in rear of Fort Washington Identifier: FW4
Title: Great Valley Baptist ChurchIdentifier: GVB4
Title: WaynesboroughIdentifier: HOU26
Title: General Muhlenberg's QuartersIdentifier: HOU27
Title: General Cornwallis' QuartersIdentifier: HOU28
Title: King of Prussia InnIdentifier: IT7
Title: General Lafayette's QuartersIdentifier: LAF11
Title: Varnum's QuartersIdentifier: OGQ1
Title: General Huntington's QuartersIdentifier: OGQ2
Title: General Morgan's QuartersIdentifier: OGQ3
Title: General Mifflin's QuartersIdentifier: OGQ4
Title: General Potter's QuartersIdentifier: POQ01
Title: General Pulaski's Quarters - Brookmead FarmIdentifier: PUQ01