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Title: Berwyn Methodist ChurchIdentifier: BM04
Title: Unknown Stone Bridge over riverIdentifier: SHA02
Title: Unknown Body of water and surrounding farm home areaIdentifier: SHA03
Title: Unknown Waterfall over stoneIdentifier: SHA04
Title: Unknown FountainIdentifier: SHA05
Title: Unknown BuildingIdentifier: SHA06
Title: Unknown BuildingsIdentifier: SHA07
Title: Unknown Body of water and bridgeIdentifier: SHA08
Title: Unknown Body of water and surrounding countrysideIdentifier: SHA09
Title: Hawthorne BuildingsIdentifier: SHA10
Title: Hawthorne BarnIdentifier: SHA11
Title: Hawthorne entry driveIdentifier: SHA12
Title: Hawthorne front living roomIdentifier: SHA13
Title: Hawthorne front viewIdentifier: SHA14
Title: Hawthorne poolIdentifier: SHA15
Title: Hawthorne Spring HouseIdentifier: SHA16
Title: Hawthorne stairwayIdentifier: SHA17
Title: Hawthorne view from houseIdentifier: SHA18
Title: Joseph W. Sharp, Sr.Identifier: SHA19