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137 images found from the Herb and Barbara Fry donation

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Title: Berwyn Avenue looking west from Woodside Avenue, 1911Identifier: BAV01
Title: Baptist Chapel, Cassatt Avenue, Berwyn, Summer 1887Identifier: BBC01
Title: Chapel of the Baptist Church in the Great Valley, Berwyn PA - 1904Identifier: BBC02
Title: Church Ave, south from Lancaster Ave, Berwyn, Identifier: BCA01
Title: Post Office & Church Avenue, Berwyn, 1906Identifier: BE77
Title: Stairs facing Lancaster Pike and Main Avenue, 1904Identifier: BE78
Title: A Water Tower near BerwynIdentifier: BE79
Title: Valley Forge Rd, Warren Ave. and Lancaster Pike, facing east towards Wynburne Inn, BerwynIdentifier: BE80
Title: Panoramic view of Berwyn (from Hillcrest)Identifier: BE81
Title: Berwyn United Methodist Episcopal Church, Church Ave., December 30, 1888Identifier: BM01
Title: Interior of Berwyn United Methodist Episcopal Church, December 30, 1888Identifier: BM02
Title: Berwyn Methodist Episcopal Church, 1904Identifier: BM03
Title: Berwyn Pharmacy on Lincoln Highway, 1931-2Identifier: BPH01
Title: Burns Planing Mill north of PRR tracks, Berwyn,Identifier: BPM01
Title: W.H. Burns Builders Planing Mill, Berwyn,Identifier: BPM02
Title: Berwyn Post OfficeIdentifier: BPO2
Title: Berwyn Post OfficeIdentifier: BPO3
Title: Lichtenfeld’s storeIdentifier: BUS18
Title: Cassatt Avenue, BerwynIdentifier: CAA3