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42 images found from the Moran family and friends donation

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Title: George Francis Moran, c. 1957 Identifier: GFM01
Title: Tom NelsonIdentifier: GFM02
Title: Tom NelsonIdentifier: GFM03
Title: Alice McCarnesIdentifier: GFM04
Title: William Patrick Ruch, Captain, Pennsylvania State PoliceIdentifier: GFM05
Title: Lean to, Scout Troop 1, BerwynIdentifier: GFM06
Title: Kay HanleyIdentifier: GFM07
Title: Maria MoranIdentifier: GFM08
Title: Dot Neiman, Helen Kugler, Bertha Neiman, Maria Moran, Ocean City NJIdentifier: GFM09
Title: Walt HanleyIdentifier: GFM10
Title: Mrs. Wilson, Tredyffrin Easttown High School TeacherIdentifier: GFM12
Title: Kay HanleyIdentifier: GFM13
Title: Bertha May Homan Neiman. Later was a secretary at TE High School.Identifier: GFM14
Title: Chas. J.Moran, South Leopard RoadIdentifier: GFM15
Title: Chas. J. Moran as a student Phila. Textile School, c. 1922Identifier: GFM16
Title: Jim Noblit and George Moran, TE High School, c. 1927 - 28Identifier: GFM17
Title: Jack Easches, George Moran, and Jim NoblitIdentifier: GFM18
Title: Ward McClees, George MoranIdentifier: GFM19
Title: Warden McClees in front of my model A Ford (1929 plate) - George MoranIdentifier: GFM20
Title: Otto TavenerIdentifier: GFM21
Title: Otto TavenerIdentifier: GFM22
Title: Otto TavenerIdentifier: GFM23
Title: "Chick" PeoplesIdentifier: GFM24
Title: "Chick" PeoplesIdentifier: GFM25
Title: "Chick" PeoplesIdentifier: GFM26
Title: "Chick" PeoplesIdentifier: GFM27
Title: Helen Smith.Identifier: GFM28