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Title: Berwyn Thimble ClubIdentifier: BTC01
Title: Berwyn Thimble ClubIdentifier: BTC02
Title: Berwyn Thimble ClubIdentifier: BTC03
Title: Berwyn Thimble ClubIdentifier: BTC04
Title: Mildred Miller BurrussIdentifier: BUF01
Title: Mildred Miller BurrussIdentifier: BUF02
Title: Charles Burruss and unidentified womanIdentifier: BUF03
Title: Charles Burruss driving a cartIdentifier: BUF04
Title: Mildred Burruss and 2 friendsIdentifier: BUF05
Title: Mildred BurrussIdentifier: BUF06
Title: Burruss Family in BerwynIdentifier: BUF07
Title: Mildred Miller Beauty LicenseIdentifier: BUF08
Title: Marriage license James Burruss and Mary RayIdentifier: BUF09
Title: Marriage license of Charles Burruss and Mildred MillerIdentifier: BUF10
Title: Beauty Culture Operator license for Mildred BurrussIdentifier: BUF11
Title: Ground-breaking ceremony for new Suburban Housing Development in BerwynIdentifier: JWV01
Title: Billie HollidayIdentifier: MGI01
Title: Count Bassie advertisementIdentifier: MGI02