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There are two ways of searching for images in the collection, Quick Search and Advanced Search. Quick Search allows you to look for words or phrases in any part of the data associated with the images. If you want to search for records with two words or phrases enter the second word or phrase in the second box. Be aware that entering common words such as Truckee, Hobart, logging will result in a large number of images being retrieved. We suggest you make your first query broad enough to retrieve some images, and then revise your search as specific as possible. For example, only searching using the term Hobart will retrieve all images from the Hobart Mills Collection (over 300 images) as well as any other images that may mention Hobart. A focussed query of mill (in the first box) and logging (in the second box) will retrieve fewer images. If you are having problems finding an image contact Heidi Sproat at hsproat@truckeehistory.org .

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Many of the photographs in this database are not owned by the Truckee-Donner Historical Society; rather they are privately owned. Occasionally, permission to display photographs is withdrawn and the images are taken out of the database. While images are rendered generally less than 500 KB for quick viewing, they provide a visual connection to the requested search. Using any image in the public domain requires written permission from TDHS. For higher resolution photo use, please contact photos@truckeehistory.org.


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July 2017: initiated system construction.

Please contact Heidi Sproat at hsproat@truckeehistory.org with any corrections, questions, and/or comments.