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Donation 1 Name: Hobart Mills Acquisition date: Number of images: 297
Donated by: Type: Photographs
Donation 2 Name: H. K. Gage Acquisition date: 2017Number of images: 95
Donated by: Type: Photographs
Description: H.K. (Herman Kimball) Gage was a noted photographer in Truckee, California. He was born in Massachusetts and died in Truckee in July 1915. Gage also managed a saloon in Truckee from 1884 - 1886. Gage’s photographs helped to document the early years of Truckee’s history. Gage also owned considerable property in Berkeley, CA at the time of his death. He is well known for some of his stunning photography of Truckee in the early years, particularly 1870s through the early 1900s. Of particular note are his photographs of the Rocking Stone and bird’s eye views of Truckee.
Donation 3 Name: John Corbett Acquisition date: 2018Number of images: 10
Donated by: John Corbett’s familyType: Photographs
Description: John L. Corbett (1918 - 1995) was a local photographer in Truckee in the 1960s - 1990s. Many of Corbett’s photos appeared in the local paper, Sierra Sun, under his column "John Corbett’s Historical Photo Album." Although many of the images are reprints from much older photographs, they represent times gone by. Corbett’s family donated over 10,000 images from his collection and TDHS is in the process of digitizing these images and making them available for viewing online.
Donation 4 Name: Front Street Acquisition date: VariousNumber of images: 122
Donated by: VariousType: Photographs
Description: This group of photos is from Front Street as early as 1869 and into the 1920s. Unless indicated, photographers and donors are not generally known.
Donation 5 Name: Commercial Row Acquisition date: Number of images: 140
Donated by: LewisType: Photographs
Description: Photographs from Commercial Row mostly from the 1920s. Photos include dog sled races, movie film images, autos on Commercial Row, winter scenes, long skis downtown, horse teams and sleighs.
Donation 6 Name: Frank L Titus Acquisition date: 2017Number of images: 0
Donated by: Type: Photographs
Description: These images were donated to TDHS in late 2017. Images will eventually include scans of slides, negatives, postcards, and other items as they become available.
Donation 7 Name: Johan Hultin Collection Acquisition date: October 2018Number of images: 28
Donated by: John Hultin / SwensenType: Photographs, Negatives, Slides
Description: Donation of Donner Party related items from family collection in the early 1960s. Slides, negatives, book, map, provenance history, photographs, and digital items. A selected number of images of Wagon Wheel and Tree Stump images will be uploaded. To examine the complete collection of about 140 images, please visit the Truckee-Donner Historical Society.
Donation 8 Name: Floriston Acquisition date: December 2017Number of images: 17
Donated by: Misc., Ida Wilson, Lydia KirbyType: Photographs
Description: These are images of the Floriston area in the Truckee Canyon 1900s - 1920.
Donation 9 Name: Ice Palace Acquisition date: VariousNumber of images: 80
Donated by: Various, including Englehart and RichardType: photographs
Description: All winter images reflecting Truckee Winter Carnival efforts from the late 1890s to about 1916, including the First and Second Ice Palaces and the burning of the Second.
Donation 10 Name: Trains - Construction, Locomotives, Fire Trains Acquisition date: March April 2009Number of images: 63
Donated by: Various, including Englehart and MeissType: Photographs
Description: These images include construction of the Transcontinental Railroad and of various train locomotives from about the 1890s-1910s and include locomotives from Central Pacific, locomotives passing Southern Pacific Hotel, train numbers 1088, 2337, 2816, 4020, 4026, 2047 cab forward, 4224, 4235 and many others.
Donation 11 Name: Ice Industry Acquisition date: 2006-2009, and 2016Number of images: 3
Donated by: MacaulayType: Photographs
Description: Ice Industry images include Boca, Iceland, and Polaris sites.

Truckee-Donner Historical Society thanks these generous donors.