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Title: Summit in WinterIdentifier: HKG0001
Title: C.P.R.R. Crossing SummitIdentifier: HKG0002
Title: Skating - probably on Donner LakeIdentifier: HKG0003
Title: Donner LakeIdentifier: HKG0004
Title: Winter snowIdentifier: HKG0005
Title: Ice PondIdentifier: HKG0006
Title: Donner Cross indicates the spot where the Donner family perished in the hard winter of 1846.Identifier: HKG0007
Title: Sidehill in winterIdentifier: HKG0008
Title: First snowIdentifier: HKG0009
Title: Scraping snowIdentifier: HKG0010
Title: Scene on the ice pondIdentifier: HKG0011
Title: Ice pondIdentifier: HKG0012
Title: Webber creek fallIdentifier: HKG0013
Title: Mount Lolo LolaIdentifier: HKG0014
Title: Freight teamIdentifier: HKG0015
Title: Logging teamIdentifier: HKG0016
Title: Independencre LakeIdentifier: HKG0017
Title: Donner Lake view from east endIdentifier: HKG0018
Title: Creek sceneIdentifier: HKG0019
Title: Loading saw logsIdentifier: HKG0020
Title: Tunnel 13Identifier: HKG0021