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Title: 1869 Front Street view looking westIdentifier: FTS0001
Title: 1869 Front Street view looking west 2Identifier: FTS0002
Title: 1869 Quiet Time in Booming Truckee on Front StreetIdentifier: FTS0003
Title: 1869 Front Street Reconstructed Truckee; looking northwestIdentifier: FTS0004
Title: 1871 Truckee after fire; Front StreetIdentifier: FTS0005
Title: 1887 Winter in Truckee, downtown; Front StreetIdentifier: FTS0006
Title: 1888 Front Street in Der Vinter Time; looking northwest; original photoIdentifier: FTS0007
Title: Pre 1882 copy of photo Sisson, Wallace & Co. store, looking north; Front StreetIdentifier: FTS0008
Title: Winter Front Street view of Truckee, looking northeastIdentifier: FTS0009
Title: Front Street after a snow storm, copy of photo, looking westIdentifier: FTS0010
Title: Front Street after the digout; looking westIdentifier: FTS0011
Title: Front Street, original photo, horses breaking a road through the plazaIdentifier: FTS0012
Title: Railroad Station 1869Identifier: FTS0013
Title: Front Street, original photo, Smith and Titus Store front, facing northIdentifier: FTS0014
Title: Front Street, original photo, Hopes Eagle SaloonIdentifier: FTS0015
Title: Front Street, original photo, McDougalds Fountain SaloonIdentifier: FTS0016
Title: Front Street, copy photo, Franzinis Fountain Saloon; looking northIdentifier: FTS0017