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Ice Palace

image not foundDescription: Charles Fayette McGlashan, presumably, standing in front of his Rocking Stone Tower and his monster icicle
Photographer/artist: Date taken: Mid 1890s, possibly 1894 Photo location: Looking from hill where Veterans Memorial Building now stands
Type: photo Subject: McGlashan standing in front of his monst County:
Source: TDHS CollectionReferences: Contributor:
Notes: Charles Fayette McGlashan erected a monster icicle to try to entice train travelers to exit the train and come visit the curios and Donner Party artifacts he had accumulated in his Rocking Stone Tower. The icicle or cone is on the right side of the image and is difficult to see. In creating his monster icicle, McGlashan used what he learned to construct an Ice Palace in downtown Truckee. See other ICP images, specifically ICP0011 of McGlashan's first Ice Palace.
Rights: Identifier: ICP0001Serial Number: 716
Donation: Ice Palace collection (#9)