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Building Lots On The Pennsylvania Railroad, For Sale

The Subscriber will offer at Public Sale, on Thursday the 13th of November inst. at one o’clock p. m. on the premises; the following excellent building lots on the Pennsylvania, rail-road, handsomely situated between the old Lancaster road and Philadelphia and Lancaster turnpike and between the 16 and 17 mile boards, on said rail-road, in Tredyffrin township, Chester County, viz:

Lot no. 2, contains 2 acres and 6 perches, adjoining lot no. 1 on the south side of the rail-road and fronts on the turnpike.

No. 3, contains 2 acres, 1 rood and 37 perches of land, now under good grass, and has three fronts, one on the rail-road, one on the old Lancaster road, and the other on the turnpike. This lot has a good well of water on the same, near the rail-road.

No. 4, contains 2 acres, 1 rood and 25 perches of land, on which is a comfortable log house, with an excellent cellar under the same, a barn and stabling, and a variety of good fruit. The above lot fronts on the rail-road and the old Lancaster road.

No. 5, contains one acre and 3 roods of land, adjoining lot No. 4, and fronts on the Railroad and the Old Lancaster road.

The above lots are well situated for Lumber or coal yards or mechanics, and some of them are abounding with clay, which, it is presumed, would make brick. On lot No. 1 which has lately been sold by the subscriber, there has been a well sunk for a water station for the steam engine.

Conditions will be made known on the day of sale, by

Jeremiah Joynt

Nov. 4

From the American Spectator, Downingtown 11/11/1834

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