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Presbyterian School Account

The Commissioners of Chester County

To L. G. Pearce Teacher

For the tuition of Ann and Sarah Radcliff children of Isaiah Radcliff Tredyffrin township

52 days


Wood at 44 cents per quarter




We whose names are hereunto subscribers being three of the employers to the school taught by L. G. Pearce in Tredyffrin township adjoining the Presbyterian meeting do certify that we have examined the Day Book accounts of the above named teacher and find that they agree with the above bill and that the charges are the same as paid by the other subscribers of the said school.

Signed John G. Bull, David Rickabaugh, Abram Phillips, employers

Chester County

Appeared before me the subscriber a justice of the peace in said county L. G. Pearce and being sworn according to have saith that the above account as stated is just and true and that the sum of one dollar and 87 cents is justly due him from the Commissioners of Chester County and further saith not)

Sworn and subscribed before me the 28th day of April 1833.

Signed Abram Phillips and Lewis G. Pearce