From Roger Hunt’s Account Book

Tredyffrin – John Rowland fitted out a wagon and received £10 advance. Joseph Mitchell and John Rowland credited by 4 bbls of flour from Ft. Loudon to Ft. Bedford 57 miles @ 8s 9d per C. £3 15s 4d. By hauling baggage from July 18th to August 22nd, and tools for two companies cutting roads, 36 days @ 15s 0d per day, £27; two days more as per Captain David Hunter’s certificate, £1 10s; By 190 miles from Tredyffrin to Carlile (sic), £7 2s 6d; By allowance for Mr. Armstrong’s baggage, 5s; Cash advanced £10; do paid John Gronow £29 0s. 4d.

Both John Rowland and Joseph Mitchell were involved in the milling business. Presumably they owned heavy wagons used to ship grain and flour. It is not clear how John Gronow was involved in the supplies transportation.

Reference: Futhey & Cope, History of Chester County, Louis H. Everts, 1881, page 58.