Charlestown Mills and Forges

Valley Creek

The original 1742 Forge on Valley Creek was located on the east (Upper Merion) side of the creek but in the 1770s a second forge was built on the west side near the boundary with Tredyffrin township. This forge was destroyed by the British in their raid in 1777 and was never rebuilt.

A new dam was built in the 1780s just upstream fron Nutts Road (now route 23). As well as a forge on the east side of the creek, a rolling and slitting forge was built on the west side. This forge was converted into a gun factory in the 19th century.

Pickering Creek Watershed

William Moore Grist and Saw Mills

First noted in taxes in 1765. Purchased by Thomas Smith in 1794 after William Moore’s death. Clifford Smith paid taxes on Grist Mill 1795 - 1798. Thomas Smith paid taxes in 1799 on Grist Mill.

Patrick Anderson Mill

Patrick Anderson taxed for Saw Mill from 1766 to 1773. Sold to Matthias Pennypacker in 1775 who was taxed for Grist, Saw, and Fulling mills from 1775 to 1799.

George Wersler Sawmill

George Wersler purchased a tract of 200 acres in 1786 and was taxed for Sawmill from 1786 to 1799.

David Williams Sawmill

David Williams was taxed for Sawmill from 1786 to 1799.

Benjamin Thomas Mill

Benjamin Thomas taxed for Saw Mill from 1772; Grist mill added 1774. Sold to Daniel Root in 1787 who was taxed for mills until 1796. He, or a descendant, also named Daniel Root, lost the property in a Sheriff’s sale in 1801.

Job Harvey Mill

Samuel Harvey, son of Job Harvey, Fulling Mill, 1765 - 1778; Martha Harvey 1781 to 1783. Sold to John Longstreth in 1784, who is taxed for Fulling Mill in 1785 and 1786. Sold to Abraham Holderman in 1792. Holderman taxed for Grist and Saw Mill 1795 to 1799. See Charlestown township description.

Jonathan Wells Sawmill

Jonathan Wells was taxed for a Sawmill from 1785 to 1799.

Griffith Jones Saw Mill

Noted in taxes in 1773 to 1791.

Jonathan Rees Paper Mill

Shown on Witmer’s 1873 and Breou’s 1883 Atlases. Possibly built by John Sloan between 1847 and 1857. Jonathan Rees first purchased the mill in 1857, he then sold it and repurchased it in 1869. Mill stream menioned in 1880 deed. Jonathan Rees died in 1901.

French Creek

Benjamin Longstreth Grist, Saw, & Slitting Mills

Grist Mill first noted in deed Z3-708 in 1732. Saw mill added after 1778. Slitting mill first noted 1795. See Historical Society of Pennsylvania blog.