Daniel Root Bill of Sale

In 1792 Daniel Root was in financial trouble, even though he owned 233 acres of land with grist and saw mills. To obtain extra cash he sold his household goods to his father for £400. This sale did not save Daniel’s property which was sold in a Sheriff’s sale in 1801. The inventory of Daniel’s goods are as follows:

ItemValue £ s d

Two hundred dozen of wheat and three hundred dozen of rye


One black horse, Two black mares, & one sorrel mare and colt


Three cows, one black, the other brindled, the third spotted with red and white


Four sheep


Eight shots


One waggon with bed and gears for four horses


Two ploughs and one harrow


Ten tons of Hay


Three beds with a compleat se tof bed cloathes for each


Three chairs


One table mad eof wild cherry tree

£1 5s

One doughtroft

7s 6d

One kitchen dresser

£1 10s

One large iron kittle

£1 5s

Two iron pots


One saddle & saddlebags, one bridle


One cutting box


One ten plate stove and pipe

£5 10s

One walnut chest

£2 10s

Two wheels

£1 5s

Twenty two and a half acres of Indian corn in the ground growing

£22 10s

One gun


A compleat set of blacksmiths tools



£307 6d