Holmes 1687 Map

  • Introduction

When first constituted in 1722 Charlestown consisted of what is now the townships of Charlestown and Schuylkill, and the borough of Phoenixville. Schuylkill township split from the rest of Charlestown in 1826. Schuylkill township was substantially reduced in area with the creation of the borough of Phoenxilville in 1849.


The following list provides navigation to land owners in Charlestown. Please note:
  • That the spelling of some surnames was quite variable, e.g. Buchwalder/Buckwalter, David/Davies/Davis, John/Jones, and Pritchard/Pritchet.
  • If there are multiple copies of a name in a page with the same type (e.g. deed) there will be only one entry in the name index. If a name is listed in multiple pages or in the same page with different types (e.g. deed and patent), then there will be multiple entries in the name index.