Chrome Activity Report
for 20th December 2004

In attendance: Jim Dudley, Mike Waltz, Ruth Galantino, Kay Davies, Mike Bertram

Accomplishments: picked up trash along the road at Upper Chrome. Our haul included a pair of louvered metal doors, a rotating TV aerial, toilet seat, porn magazine, 100 or so beer bottles and cans (including about 30 unopened). We ran out of trash bags and space to haul the trash away before we collected all the trash.

We worked out where the deer carcasses went in December. They were dumped in the open area behind the parking area. The township workers (presumeably) pushed away a tree we had cut down to bar ATVs. We cut down another tree.

We walked the blue and red trails and cleared them. One or more motorbikes had recently been down the trails.

We then did a hike at Lower Chrome to evaluate future work efforts there. I think the main issue is now how to get rid of some of the brush piles. Burning is probably the preferred option, with chipping and shredding as a back up.

There are lots of Autumn Olive and Multiflora Rose bushes by the stream. I would like to clear and herbicide them, but what should they be replaced with?

Issues: the continuing dumping of trash along the road is something the township should take responsibility for. When can we hand management of Upper Chrome back to the township?

Reporter: Mike Bertram