Chrome Activity Report
for 31st January 2007

In attendance: Ruth Galantino, Jim Dudley, Scott Stainbrook, Henry Whitesel, Kay Davies, Mike Bertram

Accomplishments: Continued cutting and dragging at Upper Chrome.

Issues: Jim spotted some vehicle tracks that looked like truck tracks in the open area behind the parking area. I followed them to the property to the east of the preserve. On the way I passed sections of the trail where the vehicle traffic had made ruts over 1 foot deep. I am not sure whether it was a truck or just some wide-tired dirt bike that has been using the trails. There was an old SUV with raised suspension in the property to the east. I do not know if that had been used on the trails, but it is obviously inoperable at present.

A number of new trails have also been cut, some 10 to 12 feet wide, which is not altogether a bad thing, but somehow we need to get the vehicle traffic stopped. The property owners may be Terry & Robert Reisler, 3545 Reisler Road Oxford PA 19363. How should I proceed?

Reporter: Mike Bertram