Chrome Activity Report
for 23rd August 2007

In attendance: Kay Davies, Jim Dudley, Matt Farrell, Dan Farrell, Ruth Galantino, Stephanie Pereles, Kent Wagner, Henry Whitesel, Molly Anderson

Accomplishments: Continued cutting and dragging as well as mowed some of the green briar around the remaining standing trees.

Issues:Wilson King stopped over and spoke with Molly and Henry. He said he was just curious as to what we were doing. We talked some and he offered to take some of the pine trees if we cut them down, cut off the branches and left them in 15 ft length sections as he would like to use them for horse jumps. He said he had equipment to haul them off the site. Molly told him she would follow up with him and give him the combination to the chain for access. Molly, Kay, Ruth and Stephanie also spent time discussing seed collection (separate report on that project will follow in another email). Molly, Jim, Kent and Stephanie also spoke with Elam King at Goat Hill when we returned the mower to the shed (Henry picked it up).

Reporter: Mike Bertram