Chrome Activity Report
for 17th September 2007

In attendance: Kay Davies, Ruth Galantino, Jim Dudley, Henry Whitesel, Mike Bertram, Scott Stainbrook

Accomplishments: cleared some trees and saplings at Lower Chrome. Evaluated the grasslands for possible seed collection: found lots of little bluestem, and Indian grass seeds, and a little prairie dropseed.

Jim and Henry mended the tires on the brush hog.

Issues: the workday was meant to be at Upper Chrome but when I arrived there was a truck blocking the entrance to the parking area with another one near by. I believe these were hunters. We parked on the other side of the road where we are clearing the area for scraping. The hunters did not appear out of the woods by 9:30 so we switched the workday to Lower Chrome.

I will only schedule workdays at Upper Chrome on Sundays until the season ends on the 26th January. I feel the season is now such a long period that we should consider alternatives.

There is an infestation of autumn olive at Lower Chrome that needs to be herbicided. Can we do this before the plants go into winter dormancy?

Wilson King has built a nice barricade to ATVs next to the parking area entrance.

Reporter: Mike Bertram