Chrome Activity Report
for 6th September 2007

In attendance: Ruth Galantino, Henry Whitesel, Jim Dudley, Kent Wagner, Molly Anderson

Accomplishments: We continued cutting and dragging as well as mowed some of the greenbriar around the remaining trees. There are approximately 15 trees left to take down.

Issues: Someone drove around the right side of the gate to the parking lot and flattened some young trees and left a nice path around the gate. Wilson King stopped by again and said that he would use some of the 20 ft. length logs that we left for him to block this new path as well as use some of the logs to keep ATVs off the trails as well. The gate was left unlocked (closed but unlocked) for him so that he could do this before he leaves for Australia (next week) and he would lock the gate when he was finished. He also said that he would stack the logs left for him together to get them out of our way.

The billie-goat mower has a flat tire and should be replaced.

We should discuss getting a handle on the greenbriar moving in the open area behind the parking lot. We also need to discuss what to do with the small logs of pine as well as how to handle the large brush piles.

Reporter: Mike Bertram