Chrome Activity Report
for 19th April 2008

In attendance: Ruth Galantino, Kay Davies, Mike Bertram, Henry Whitesel, Danica Lauren, Roy Anirban (2 new volunteers)

Accomplishments: completed the marking of the hiking trail except that one section needs to be opened up. Also we need to put some signs on stakes where there are no trees available. Molly, can you get 6 stakes for the 8th May workday?

Cut greenbrier in the area to be scraped. Another day’s work will see that complete.

Issues: I had a polite conversation with an ATV driver. We need to have a plan as to how we are going to work with them constructively.

We have a continuing flow of volunteers from the Philadelphia area who only come out once, presumably due to the distance. It is a pity to loose their services. Is there any way we could offer them outside volunteer work nearer Philadelphia, even if it is through another organization? For example, could there be TNC sponsored workdays at Valley Forge Park, or in support of the Big Woods project?

Reporter: Mike Bertram