Chrome Activity Report
for 31st July 2008

In attendance: Ruth Galantino, Kay Davies, Mike Bertram, Mike Waltz, Gary Kendrot, Diana Mizer*, Jim Dudley, Kent Wagner

* - new volunteer for the Serps

Accomplishments: cleaned up grasslands #2 & #6 at Lower Chrome

Issues: We parked off the Chrome New London Road. When we returned we found our exit blocked by a car. The owner was John Hughes who said he was a neighbor. After we explained who we were he quickly got into his car and left without asking any more questions.

When we returned to Upper Chrome we met another neighbor who said he hunted at Upper Chrome. I gave him permission to take away some of the pine logs that he wants for an outside fire. He also said that his business partner would be interested in taking away the scraped dirt at Chrome. I await a phone call.

Reporter: Mike Bertram