Chrome Activity Report
for 28th August 2008

In attendance: Ruth Galantino, Kay Davies, Mike Bertram, Mike Waltz, Jim Dudley, Dave Greer, Anna Greer (Dave's sister - visiting), Debbie Athens, Rick Migliore

Accomplishments: Lower Chrome - cut and bagged autumn olive berries.
Upper Chrome - searched for grass seed but the seed was not quite ready for collection.
Cleared one trail and a previously cleared grassland.
Took away about half the remaining wood chips (for Kay’s use)

Issues: There are more autumn olive trees that need to be attacked in both Upper and Lower Chrome. I will organize a workday in early October to do the work at Lower Chrome. Molly, I will give you a call to organize the herbiciding at Upper Chrome.

The grass seeds will probably need to be collected when I am away in September. Molly - can you work with Ruth and Kay to organize a collection day?

Reporter: Mike Bertram