Chrome Activity Report
for 4th December 2011

In attendance: Henry Whitesel, Bob Barker, Rocky Gleason, and Mike Bertram.

Accomplishments: Lower Chrome Barrens

Accomplishments: We started at 0900 and finished about 1400. We performed routine maintenance in the area just to the left after entering the lower chrome gate on Barren Road. Invasive small trees and shrubs were cut and carried off site. Most of the invasive brush were Russian Olives, with some small cedars, pines, and wild cherry trees. The grass on the hill side was doing well. The grass in the lowland area of the clearing was struggling with heavy competition from the Russian Olives. We also cleared cedars that had fallen into the Serpentine unit during the heavy wet snow of last winter.

It was great to see Mike Bertram and Rocky Gleason. Thanks for coming and hope to see you at another workday. Bob and I are old standbys but thanks to us too.

Issues: None.

Reporter: Henry Whitesel