Chrome Activity Report
for 23rd March 2013

Mike Hoderman
Mike Hoderman running bush hog

Crew 23-3-13
Molly Anderson, Bob Notvest, Danielle Notvest, and Libby Notvest

In attendance: Mike Hoderman, Ron Notvest, Danielle Notvest, Libby Notvest, Kent Wagner, Rocky Gleason, Molly Anderson, and Henry Whitesel

Accomplishments: Location: Lower Chrome. What an incredible day. The sun was shinning; it was cold but not too; and we had a crew of 8 people. We worked on maintaining Sites 10, 9, and 14 as shown in the attached map. We met at 0900 in the gravel parking lot on Barren Road. Then drove to the Lower Chrome entrance on Barren Road. Mike Hoderman ran the walk behind bush hog all day mowing briars on Site 10, Site 9, and the hedge row between Sites 9 and 14 (which the Deloitte crew cleared last June). Ron, Danielle, Libby, and Molly cut Russian Olives and other brush on Sites 10 and 14; and applied herbicide to the stumps to prevent later growth. Rocky Gleason, with some help from Ron used our Weed Wrench to pull small saplings (mostly pines) from Sites 10 and 14. Kent Wagner used a Brush Whacker to clear part of the hedge row between Sites 9 and 14. Henry (that's me, the work day leader) cut stumps on Site 9 and the hedge row between Sites 9 and 14. Probably too many details but it makes sense if you look at the map.

I want to especially thank our new volunteers Mike Hoderman, Danielle Notvest, Libby Notvest, and Ron Notvest. Danielle might have been in sunny Florida on spring break but instead was out in the sun up here in the north working. I think the new volunteers had a good time and got an up close and personal idea of what we do to preserve the Serpentine Barrens Habitat.

And also thanks to our regular volunteers, Kent, Rocky, and Molly.

Issues: None.

Reporter: Henry Whitesel