Goat Hill Activity Report

for 29th March 2003

In attendance: Jim Dudley, Geoff Higgins, Mike Waltz (sawyers), Kay Davies, Jack Lawes, Mike Bertram (the trusty regulars; I am sure the other possible volunteers were put off by the weather)

Accomplishments: continued work on the area of grass under trees at the south end of the TNC property. We just about completed clean up of the cuttings from the previous workday, but with 3 sawyers operating we have now got even more material to drag. We probably need a 'no sawing' workday to catch up to the sawyers.

Issues: Did not finish dragging work.

Somebody during the winter moved aside the logs we placed at the top of the scraped area in order to define the limits for vehicles, but there was no sign of vehicle tracks.

Reporter: Mike Bertram