Goat Hill Activity Report

for 19th April 2003

In attendance: Jim Dudley, Mike Bertram

Accomplishments: continued work on the area of grass under trees at the south end of the TNC property.

Met Norm Tyson, who was out trying to collect grasshoppers. He was concerned that he had not heard about the New Texas workday (on the 12th). I said I would call him and give him the dates of the upcoming Serpentine workdays.

It was a turkey day. There was one turkey in the scraped area when we arrived, and two when we left, as well as scratching spots just next to the car. Then there was a third turkey up the track, which just stood there and looked at us from 15 feet away.

Ruth and Kay - there are hundreds of little (1 inch) seedlings sprouting up in the area were the Fameflower was last year. The leaves look succulent. I am hoping that they are Fameflower seedlings.

Issues: none

Reporter: Mike Bertram