Goat Hill Activity Report

for 8th August 2003

In attendance:Autumn Sabo, John Miller, Jeff Stuffle, Sandra Insalaco, John Kunsman, Rich Mellon (independent botanist), Carol Loeffler, Lauren ? (intern), Mike Bertram

Accomplishments: PA Cleanways will be dragging out trash in September. John's main objective with the visit was to try to ensure that the trash removal did not impact any rare plants negatively. We therefore spent most of the day near the north end of the powerline. We certainly saw a wonderful array of plant species.

After that we walked the powerline south, visited some of the grasslands just off the powerline (where there had been recent ATV activity and a camp fire), and then struck west along one of the trails in order to visit some of the glade spurge plants. John seems keen to develop trails, but I think the most is needed is to connect some of the existing trails. The significant issue will be keeping them clear of smilax.

Issues: The BoF meeting to review the district plan will be in Morgantown in September. I will be on vacation then, but I think somebody should attend the meeting.

John seems to be very receptive to work clearing trees on some of the grasslands (once the designation of Goat Hill has been changed - no news there). He is less accepting of the need for burning.

It is also planned to have some hand picking of trash by volunteers next March.

Reporter: Mike Bertram