Goat Hill Activity Report

for 3rd March 2007

In attendance:Kay Davies, Ruth Galatino, Molly Anderson, Jim Dudley, Henry Whitesel, Lindsy Jones, Tessa Bickhart , Mike Torocco, (3 new volunteers), Mike Bertram

Accomplishments: Cleared up trash along Red Pump Road. Completed putting up signs on 2 of the 3 TNC parcels. We ran out of signs so a small part of the 3rd parcel stills needs to be re-signed.

I met with the new neighbours (they moved in in August) who live in the house next to the parking area. Two of their property lines are shared with TNC. They were very friendly. I gave them my card and asked them to contact me if there were any issues.

Issues:1) We found an animal snare on the TNC property. We took out the snare.

2) The bridge over the stream in the north east corner of the main TNC property has a broken plank that is a safety hazard and needs to be replaced

3) The Bureau of Forestry needs to be informed that somebody has made a road over their property next to the parking area. Todd - can you ensure they are notified?

Reporter: Mike Bertram