Goat Hill Activity Report

for 10th July 2008

In attendance: Ruth Galatino, Jim Dudley, Henry Whitesel, Kent Wagner, Mike Waltz, Joe Frascetta, Mike Bertram

Accomplishments: Continued clearing the grassland that straddles the TNC - BoF boundary. Also deheaded the Canada Thistle in the first scraped area. These now need to be herbiced in addition to autumn olive and locust saplings.

Issues: Mary Ann Furedi & Betsy Loper(?) from the Natural Heritage Program visited and I showed them around. They discovered hundreds of fameflower plants at one end of the second scraped area. Some of the plants were on the original small grasslands where we had seen them before (but not in these numbers) and many were on the area that had been scraped. Some of the plants were as big as I have ever seen them. So we now have solid evidence that seeding into the scraped area is working. More grasses are also appearing in the area, mainly little bluestem.

Reporter: Mike Bertram