Friends of the SLSB Activity Report
for 21 October 2010

In attendance: Kent Wagner, Mike Waltz, and Henry Whitesel as sawyers; Bob Barker, Wendy Miner, and Cindy Whitesel as draggers.

Accomplishments: Workday went fine! Cut quite a few trees and cleared the grassy areas for sunlight.

Cindy and Bob collected some Big Blue Stem and Arrowfeather grass seeds from two grassy plots just beyond our Minn's Road worksite. Thanks to Wendy, who is one awesome dragger, we were able to keep three sawyers busy.

Joe Frassetta paid us an impromptu visit with his lab; we enjoyed a brief meeting.

Issues: That site is really looking wonderful! But, Joe, we don't have an official designation for the site! How do we number this one?

Reporter: Cindy Whitesel