Friends of the SLSB Activity Report
for 20 December 2011

In attendance: Henry Whitesel, Emery Abdel-Latif, Bob Barker, Mike Waltz, Anna Hull, Claes Olsson, and Joe Frassetta.

Accomplishments: We started at 0900 and finished about 1400. Location: site "e": Map on the Western-most part of The Rose Trail. It was just a fine, fine day. It was cool enough to work in comfort. There were some sprinkles on and off that we worked through without any problems. We cleared trees and green briar from the Serpentine area. Tree types were Red Cedar, Virginia Pitch Pine, and Post Oak. Remains were dragged and carried into the woods bordering the area.

Issues: We were honored to have 2 new volunteers: Anna Hull and Claes Olsson. Thank you for giving your time and energy during in this busy holiday season. You made a big impact on the amount of work we were able to accomplish today.

And a big thanks to all the other volunteers that have worked with us this past year. We have a core group that I count on to to show up 2 to 4 times each month to donate your time and energy for preserving this unique Serpentine Barrens Eco-system. Thank you.

Joe Frassetta took pictures of our workday on Tuesday 20 December 2011 at Goat Hill Barrens. Joe is the District Manager for the William Penn Forest District, of which the Goat Hill State Forest is a part.

The pictures speak for themselves and show the environment we were working in. Our goal is to create meadows for the Serpentine flora, especially the warm seasons grasses you can see behind us when we were eating lunch.

Great pictures Joe. Thank you. Here is the link: that Joe sent: photos#

Reporter: Henry Whitesel