Friends of the SLSB Activity Report
for Thursday 14 April 2011

In attendance: Bob Barker, Ruth Gallantino, Emery Abdel-Latif, Kent Wagner, Mike Waltz, Henry Whitesel, Cindy Whitesel

Accomplishments: We finally had good weather so we could work at Goat Hill. Temperatures hovering just around 70F, sunshine, and a slight breeze. It was a perfect day to be in the woods. Location: north side of Goat Hill, in grasslands marked i and j: Map. The sawyers cleared Eastern Red Cedar and Pitch Pine, while the draggers moved the wood off the grasslands into the woods. Bob Barker cut greenbrier and opened paths to the grassy areas.

Issues: We did find some trees with hunters' nails in them and some old, rusty barbed wire.

Reporter: Cindy Whitesel