Friends of the SLSB Activity Report
for Saturday 23 June 2012

Attending: Henry Whitesel, Kent Wagner, Bob Gray, Tim Gray, and Hillary Gray. We started at 0900 and quit about 1pm when the onsite temperature exceeded 90F.

Location: Goat Hill Serpentine Barrens on second scraped area. This is the first scraped area on the left when going into the barrens past Harbaugh's house, proceeding West. We only worked on land belonging to The Nature Conservancy.

Accomplishments: The weather was perfect at first with temperatures in the 70s and sunny. As the day continued through the morning temperatures rose sharply and pasted into the 90s sometime between 12 noon and 1pm. We then quit.

We used loppers in the second scrapped area to remove invasive small trees and green-briar. We also used 1 brush whacker to cut some of the green briar. The walk behind bush hog was used to trim back some the invading green-briar on the road running along the north side of the site. The bush hog was also used to clear a substantial area in the north west corner that was densely covered with green briar, and small pines and post oaks.

Bob Gray, Tim Gray, and Hillary Gray did most of the lopper work on site while Kent and I ran the machines. Bob, Hillary, and Tim cleared invasives from the interior of nearly the entire site, while Kent and I worked on beating back the borders.

I especially thank Tim and Hillary for donating their Saturday time to work on this preservation project on the Serpentine Barrens. This was their first time with us and hopefully they will come out some more over the summer. And Bob thanks to you also. You will soon be a core member of our "Serps Crew."

Reporter: Henry Whitesel