Friends of the SLSB Activity Report
for Thursday 11 August 2012

In attendance: Henry Whitesel, Kent Wagner, Bob Gray

Accomplishments: We started at 0900 and finished about 1200. We worked along The Rose Trail in the serpentine site labled "q" located between sites "h" and "c": Map. We cleared trees and green briar to create a serpentine savanna.

Issues: We had an cutting accident about 1100. A tree fell on Kent's foot. Bob Gray and I wrapped Kent's foot in ice and applied pressure to keep the swelling down. He hobbled and walked most of the way out to Becky Murray's farm on Minn's road. I drove my truck part way into the forest to carry Kent the rest of the way out. Bob Gray took Kent home. Examination at an emergency clinic showed that Kent's 3 metatarsal bones connecting to his 3 middle toes are broken in his right foot. Kent will be out of commission for a few weeks. You can send an email to Kent at <Kent Wagner <> This accident reinforces our knowledge that we need to constantly be very careful in our work of clearing and maintaining serpentine barrens sites. I will continue to emphasize safety procedures before each workday and trust that every one involved will be safety conscious.

Reporter: Henry Whitesel