New Texas Activity Report
for 26th April 2002

In attendance: James Dudley, Mike Bertram, Mike Waltz, Timothy Hoover, Ken Showman, Ruth Galantino, Seth Hoover, Kyle Hoover, Margo Hoover, Ben Leach, Craig Cowan, Erin Zeigler, Lauren Forster, Colin Reid, Johnny Lambox, Eric Rush, Chris Paradine, Justin Weaver, Jeff Hecter, Sam Daisley (mainly pupils and staff from the Milton Hershey and Cedarcliffe Schools)

Accomplishments: Cleared small saplings from grasslands #3 and #19. Clearedand enlarged #17 and #21. Cleared #13 and #14. Started to clear area W(next to grassland #5).

Issues: none, a very productive day.

Reporter: Mike Bertram